Deposit and get $10 per every $100 USD

Score just like England did while depositing this weekend with us! Many of us will be staying up to watch the final game of Euro finals this weekend, so why not put some more well-earned cash into your trading account and get ready for the upcoming week right away!

Deposit over the weekend and get $10 per every $100 USD

A few rules apply* as always, but we are happy to let you use a second opportunity this summer to gain some benefits while making deposits to your trading accounts before market open on Monday.

Do not hesitate to take the opportunity since: every deposit made during the weekend starting tomorrow (07.09 – 07.11) will be credited a 10% bonus to your trading account.

If there are any questions about this possibility, do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team via live chat or


*Minimum volume numbers apply to be legible to withdraw the 10% bonus funds:

  • Standard or below 1000 USD: 2 lots FX | 10 lots Indexes traded
  • Advanced or below 10000 USD: 20 lots FX | 100 lots Indexes traded
  • Pro or below 50000 USD: 100 lots FX | 500 lots Indexes traded