Kumo Markets is innovative trading platform providing professional and retail traders with market conditions and trading user environments.

Our goal is to provide the best market conditions that can only be obtained by using institutional grade liquidity from top tier and be a broker that provides professional trading conditions for a retail trader.

In this way we are able to offer the lowest possible spreads to our traders, with zero or very near zero spreads, while maintaining very low commissions, no re-quotes and access to professional leverages.

Company News: We have just introduced a second liquidity provider! 


At Kumo Markets our clients are our first priority. We want to hear our clients feedback so we could improve and keep positive relationships. On the strength of these values, we want to build our brand as a trustworthy and transparent company. By being transparent, we can ensure our complete fairness to our clients. Fast service and good communication are two of our strongest traits to ensure a pleasant and positive client experience.

What We Stand For

As a middle man between our clients and financial institutions we stand for freedom of trading options and style. Creating pleasant trading experience is our everyday goal which we believe keeps our clients happiness and satisfaction levels high.


Kumo Markets is already on the right path of becoming one of the leading FOREX brokerages, and with our continued growth and client support, we believe we can become the leader within the next 5 years. As a supplier of excellent trading conditions, service, and technological variety, we will be a major player in this industry in this time frame.

Our mission is to provide a rapid and simple to use trading platform to our clients, by providing a secure and complete trading framework, based on the most recent financial technology available, while offering the best available customer service.


Trading with Kumo Markets allow you to trade not only all 60 major and minor currency pairs, but also 6 of the major USD crypto-pairs, 4 major metal commodities (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium), and include the 3 major energy commodity CFD’s for US natural gas (USGAS), US crude oil (WTI), Brent oil (BRENT).

Account & fund safety

As a licensed but unregulated financial institution, we are taking many extra precautions to protect and safeguard our client’s funds. Brokers follow the standard guidelines, needed to under the current regulation to get licensed, but does little more. We are taking the safety of all our client’s funds extremely serious, and have a long list of measures to ensure that our clients account never go to zero and prevent our clients from experience any significant losses without adequate warnings.