Your satisfaction and constant information flow is one of our main priorities. Here you will find most frequent questions that our support staff receives answered. If you need further information do not hesitate to get in touch with us pretty much 24/7 via live chat in the corner below or send us a direct message at support@kumomarkets.com

We strongly suggest that you try to inform and educate yourself, at least with the very basics of trading before engaging with live funds. Then there are many great trading education programs, just a Google search away from you! However, beware, there are also equally many bad “educators” out there. Our best suggestion is to search for other people with similar interests in your city or join some groups online, where you can share information, resources, and experience.

Please beware that there are many dishonest actors trying to offer “trading education” to beginners, who simply don’t know better. While indeed some are good, the vast majority of educators are not very good at best and can often be very misleading, while trying to make a profit from lesser informed people. Most trading education should be free and there are many good traders offering regular live-streams that you can follow and may learn a lot from. We suggest you have a look around at places like https://tradingview.com/ and the many YouTube channels and live-streams.

When you will feel that Forex is not a word that you have to check in the dictionary, we suggest starting with a demo account and try to keep it profitable for 3-6 months before funding your live account with any real funds.

It depends on the deposit method and account type that you are trying to deposit into.

The Minimum first deposit deposit is 100 USD, later top-ups have no minimum.

We have no maximum deposit amounts. However, we will assign you to a more appropriate account for larger deposits.

Please contact support for further and up-to-date details.

You can download the MT4 client from:

- Our website by visiting: https://kumomarkets.com/faq/

- The Welcome Email you received when you signed up as a Kumo Markets customer.

For Windows:


For Android:


For iPhone:



Unfortunately, there is no native MT4 package for Mac/iOS. However, you can still install MT4 using a virtual machine under iOS.


When following installation instructions for alternative platforms, make sure to use our windows “kumomarkets4setup.exe”, otherwise you will not be able to trade.

Because Kumo Markets comply with all international Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) regulations, we require you to verify your identity.

So, in order to withdraw money from your Kumo Markets account, you need to first verify your identity.

It’s really quite simple. Upload pictures of the following 3 documents:

1. A valid* identity document: back and front

2. A recent utility statement, clearly showing your name and address.

3. A selfie, clearly showing both your face and the front of your ID card.


* As valid identity documents, we accept non-expired: Passports, national identity cards, and European driver’s licenses.

Please refer to our KYC Policy here: https://kumomarkets.com/legal_document/ 

It is a very simple process.

If you would like to make a deposit:

1. Log in to your account in our web-portal.

2. Go to the “Deposit” tab (menu window).

3. Choose the Live account you want to Deposit to.

4. Fill in the requested details.

5. Enter the amount of money you would like to deposit

6. Click “Save”.

Please allow a few minutes to register your deposit.

Leverages* are displayed next to our account ranks, we currently offer:

• 1:500 on our Standard (STP) accounts, up to $1,000

• 1:200 on our ECN accounts, above $1,000


To get real-time values, please log in to your live account in MT4 to see the continuously updated spreads. Spread may also change during various times of the day. Generally spread depends on the available liquidity of the asset traded, so when there is little action in the market, the spread tends to increase. This is especially evident for exotic currency pairs.


We offer both zero commission and commission based trading. For more details please visit: https://kumomarkets.com/acccount-types/

*Risk Warning:

Trading leveraged products carry a higher degree of risk to your capital. Trading derivatives may not be suitable for all investors, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice, if necessary

No, Kumo Markets Ltd. is happily unregulated in order to better serve all our global customers.
To join our Introducing Broker (IB) Partner program, you need to meet a few requirements and fill out an application.


It provides our clients with a way to make some commission when they introduce new clients to sign up with us. So if you register as an IB, you can receive commissions on trades from people who have registered with “Kumo Markets” using your referral link.


(a) New clients have to use your referral link when signing up to Kumo Markets.

(b) New clients have traded on a funded live account.

(c) You have to have a funded live account.

(d) You have to trade with at least 0.2 lots of volume (total) per month, yourself.

Application Procedure:

1. Open a live account with Kumo Markets


2. Fund your live account.

3. Fill out the partner application form at:


For “Type”, select “Introducing Broker”

4. Wait (up to 24 hours, but usually much less) for the IB Welcome Email.

The enclosed contract also contains the IB commissions.

5. Sign the enclosed “IB Agreement” and return it to:


6. Wait for the acceptance email.

(Please allow up to 48 hours, as we are operating during UK business hours.)

When received, you will find a new tab in our Client Portal.

Here you can find your own IB referral link.

Click “Okay” to close the window.


As an IB with a Standard account, you can receive 0.5 pip of commissions per trade, regardless of the lot size.

As an IB with an ECN account, you receive a volume-based commission, depending on the account type.

The ECN metal & gem account commissions are found in the IB Agreement.