Being a Forex Introducing Broker

The Forex market is by far and away the largest market in the world. Trading at over $5 trillion a day is well above all of the exchanges combined. There are ways to take advantage of this trading the market yourself, but why not play it smarter while bringing in other people to do exactly that and making a buck or few out of it.

Becoming an introducing broker is a way that one can get compensated for introducing clients to Forex broker. This process is usually quite simple.

First of all the introducing broker or IB showing a willingness to work with us will discuss the terms of the business with a sales representative and sign an IB agreement with Kumo Markets including the terms of the payout. Do not hesitate to reach out via our website or directly at

You choose how much you wanna make!

There is no ceiling for the income you could receive long-term. The only thing holding you back from making a passive income here is how much the people you bring to Kumo Markets are looking to trade. Commission itself depends on the trading account type your trader signs up for, but generally speaking, you will be making 50% of the commission that the trader pays to Kumo Markets.

How much is that?

We have stories where our IB’s have already left their daily jobs and are only working with/for us bringing new customers. But if you would ask us directly, $1.000 per month is quite reasonable in very short-term scenario. To make such an amount you would only need around 8-10 active traders that would be trading under your belt!

Why Kumo Markets?

Because we are here to support you. Not only that we believe our offer is one of the best in the current market, but we are the broker that is ready to support you 24/7 to make your IB journey successful. Weekly zoom calls, constant updates on the ongoing developments, plans for the company, direct access to the support staff and our mentors. You being successful is helping our business grow, because of that, we are happy to be here for you!

Where to start?

Start with yourself of course, think how much time can you invest in working on gathering your network together, or even expanding the one that you already have existing. But for an actual starter, we are happy to receive inquiries on our website or via direct email at