? Make Money via Copy Trading!

How to make money via Copy Trading

The first month of Copy Trading is over and we are happy to say that it was very profitable for the majority of you!

Kumo Markets has received tons of applications and we are very thankful for trusting the traders with your funds
. Let’s go over how September looked for four traders that all of you chose from:

Daily Pips

The trader had ups and downs in September. Starting with a bit of drawdown, being not consistent with Gold and a few Gbp Jpy trades, but then found very good results trading Gbp Usd and Eur Usd pairs on daily basis, sometimes bringing 40-50 pip swing trades as profits. The traders seem to be using a strategy where the risk is around 0.5-1% of the account to catch 2% returns which is very valid and for the most faithful traders brought incredible results!

Result: 14.19%

Infinity Trader (Regular/Double)

Many pairs, many trades, and many profits! The strategy faced only two Stop Losses being hit throughout the month which is the best result so far allowing the traders to gain quite a substantial amount of profits. For those, that trusted the trader, the strategy had positions open every single week with Take Profits being hit on a weekly basis as well.

Result: 6% Regular / 12% Double


A very interesting choice for those, looking to play it safe, but still have returned. Unfortunately, the trader finished off the month with a total result of -0.36%. Yet, the trader is very tight on setting up Stop Losses, trading a variety of pairs, and looking to find those Take Profits a few times per day even. We trust this strategy because of the great track record; thus, we can only wish good luck and good trading for the trader itself and those under the Program.

Result: -0.36%

Congratulations to everyone participating and being involved, lot’s of good stuff to come throughout October for sure! Do not hesitate to share the results with your friends and bring them over as well!

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