Copy Trading launching this week!

You will be able to earn money while you sleep with Kumo! Copy Trading is launching this week with an awesome collection of our best traders giving you a chance to choose the one you like the most!

The summer is flying by. Major indexes locked in their 6th month of gains, inflation is also still a concern, everyone has a chance to catch their pips lately.

What could be better? Let’s dive in!

What moved the markets?

Gold prices managed to rise near their weekly highs at $1832 after the FED decided to hold its monetary policy unchanged. FOMC has brought some volatility on USD pairs as well, stopping out many traders, yet, continuing the trend with no constraints afterward.

It should be noted that US economy grew by 6.5% in Q2, however not meeting the market expectations. The weekly inflation numbers in the US fell from 0.5% to 0.4% in June

The earnings season has delivered strong results so far, however some investors are concerned about the slowing growth prospects from mega tech companies and China’s tightening regulatory.

DXY – let’s take a look again

This time on an hourly chart we are looking at the index one more time. We left some untouched highs on a daily chart at 93.00 level as well as very clear equal lows at 91.500 level on daily too. Which direction could it go?

Here we present you with two options. We will either see continuation to the trend attacking 91.200 level if we manage to break last weeks low. Or we will go back to attacking 93.000 if able to push through the highs created during FOMC manipulation. Watch out for those levels and make your trades later this week!

Be patient with the pair and the pips will come with ease later on.

Copy Trading is here!

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