Mission & Vision


• Provide best FOREX service across the market.

• Great, positive experience to our customers.

• Become the leading broker in the industry and to be unique.


• Make our customers feel comfortable and secure (by giving the experience)
• Change the traditional FOREX trading by giving different trading features and treatment to our clients
• Interacted customers.
• Ofer quality apply butterflies in the stomach.


We understand what traders need and their greatest concerns. We believe that it is very important for our clients to know and understand why they should chose us, when there are so many other brokers out there. We have built Kumo Markets from a solid foundation of trust, experience, honesty and transparency. Combining this with a strong ethical compass and world-class customer service that is actually listening to our customer’s feedback, allow us to continuously grow, because we know if our customers are happy and grow, so will we. Our business is You!

Let’s look at the more specific pointsof our offer.

Our unique and direct relationship with some of the largest liquidity providers in the industry, allow us to offer ultra-low spreads during all market conditions. This is something that is of particular importance for our high-frequency trading (HFT) clients.

All our Standard accounts are commission free. That is, you can trade several lots at zero commission, even on a very small account. Something which is great for beginners who want to focus their trades on very few instruments.

Markets can change faster than the blink of an eye. With our long experience we have learned from this and have established a guaranteed order execution environment by collaborating with the fastest and most reliable financial infrastructure providers available. Their servers are located at a maximum distance of a stone throw away from the world’s stock exchange servers. In fin-tech speak, we call those server locations NY4, LD5, TY3, which refers to NewYork, London and Tokyo, respectively. What does this mean to you? It means that we can guarantee* you a connection up-time of at least 99.7% and with a server trade-latency of at most 10 ms. Thus, your pending entry and stop orders are far more likely to be correctly executed even in very volatile and fast-moving markets.

*The server trade latency is calculated as a daily average and is the time needed after having received your trade order from your trading platform. I.e. It doesn’t include your internet connection latency.

People trade differently! Some like to scalp, some like to swing-trade, some like robot-automation and some like hedging. Some like to trade with large volumes and some with small volumes but with a higher frequency. We support every style of trading without limitations. With us you can trade with any volume ranging from 1 micro-lot (0.01 Lot) up to 250 Lots, depending on your account type. In addition, we offer you any leverage* between 3:1 to 500:1 on all our currency instruments. How is this possible? Because our liquidity providers are top-tier, they have a large aggregated pool that always ensure liquidity at any volume.

*Leverage is typically regulated in your financial jurisdiction/region and may require you to fill out an additional application.

Our super friendly and highly qualified customer service representatives are trading themselves and know all the -ins and -outs of trading. They understand cultural differences, time zones and individual needs. They listen to your concerns and promise to find a solution within 24 hours. Although our trading platform is only open during relevant market hours, people are not. They are awake around the globe, working, thinking, planning and in the worst case worrying. We are there for them and we are there for you. We can be contacted by phone, chat or email. For our largest account holders, we are even offering a VIP concierge service, for 24/7 direct access to our company stake holders.

We fully support the world leading trading platforms. After over 2 decades, the MetaTrader4 trading platform is still the most used around the globe. It has managed to stay the most popular among forex and commodity traders, so there is no chance we will abandon this any time soon. However, technology-wise, both MetaTrader5 and cTrader are very technologically advanced and far more up-to-date with performance and ease of use. These are also fully supported as mobile and tablet applications. In addition, various online-based trade platforms are getting much attention. We therefore aim to fully support web-based platforms such as Tradingview, as well. It’s up to your own taste and preference.

Trading Features

Trading with Kumo Markets allows you to trade not only all 60 major and minor currency pairs, but also 6 of the major USD crypto-pairs, 4 major metal commodities (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium), and include the 3 major energy commodity CFD’s for US natural gas (USGAS), US crude oil (WTI), Brent oil (BRENT).


  • 1
    Choose an account type and submit your application
  • 2
    Fund your account using a wide range of funding methods.
  • 3
    Access 180+ instruments across all asset

Become Partner with Kumo Markets

Kumo Markets Introducing Broker (IB) program is designed to remunerate and reward introducers for referring customers to us, there are no limits on the number of referred accounts or trading volumes. A low barrier to entry combined with a highly competitive volume-based commission structure, make Kumo Markets ideal for introducers of all sizes.

The IB program is available for individuals and corporate clients who are willing to share their positive experiences and help introduce us to others. Program offers fair share of revenues for IB’s from their client’s activity which is paid directly to the trading account.

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