Trading products

We offer several other types of accounts with additional exclusive benefits depending on your trading style, balance and volume, including advanced account management for multiple accounts, or Islamic accounts for strictly Islamic jurisdictions.


We offer 5 types of ECN accounts, in addition to our Standard account. We have chosen to give them names to make it easier to remember for our clients. They differ mostly in the commissions, which is turn depend on the trade volume (lots).

Family Accounts (FAM)

Kumo Markets is the one and only broker who offers an account manager specifically tailored for families. This type of account is
ideal for entering and learning about the world greatest economy and personal finance, while trading under close supervision of
the master account. The FAM is much easier to use and less advanced than a classical MAM account, avoiding many of the
complexities found on true MAM accounts.

FAM Account Specifications:

  • Connect up to 10 family members
  • Copy trading
  • Pre-set/Maximum trade volume restrictions
  • Pre-set/Maximum trade value restrictions
  • Stop Loss Enforcement
  • Take Profit Enforcement
  • Force close at End-of-day
  • Sub-account balance distribution



A Multi-Account Manager(MAM) is an advanced type of managed account that offers excellent control for an investor. Our MAM is an MT4/5 integrated software tool that allow a single trader to executetrades on several accounts operating under a master account. It lets the MAM place large orders in bulk, with speed, to an unlimited number

of accounts. It has several features found in both PAMM* and LAMM* accounts.

Supported MAM Allocation Methods:

Allocations by Volume:

  • Lot Allocation
  • Percent Allocation
  • Proportional by Balance Allocation
  • Proportional by Equity Allocation
  • Equity Percent Allocation
  • Allocation by Equal Risk

Allocations by P/L:

  • Percent Allocation by P/L
  • Proportional Allocation by P/L
  • Lot Multiplier Allocation
  • Lot Multiplier with Volume Fix