Bitcoin Deposit

How to fund your account using Coinbase?

1. Login to the Client portal
2. Click on "Deposit" tab (left side)
3. Select the account you want to deposit into ("Account Number")
4. Click on the"Crypto – BTC" button for the "Payment Method"
5. Enter the amount (in USD) you would like to deposit. (If you need to deposit more than you are allowed to use multiple transactions)
6. Add an optional comment and preferably your bitcoin address hash.
7. Click "Deposit" button.

After the last step you will be redirected to a Coinbase (commerce) pop-up window. Here you have to select how you would like to pay.

1. Using your own Coinbase account
2. Using an external crypto-wallet

If you want to use your own Coinbase account, select "Pay with Coinbase". (Option-1)

If you have another external wallet, select “Bitcoin” below. (Option-2)

If you select Option 1, you will be redirected to the Coinbase login page.

If you select Option 2, you will get another pop-up window with the amount in BTC (and equivalent in USD), the Bitcoin Address to where funds will be transferred. This address is temporary and will be re-generated for every new transaction. Make sure to click the "Copy to clipboard" icon and save the hash shown. This way you can check and confirm your payment on the blockchain at a later stage. You can also click "Show QR code" that you can use to scan into your payment app.

Once the payment is confirmed the above Coinbase Commerce pop-up window will change to show the "Payment Complete" message, otherwise you will get a "No payment" message if there are issues.

If you click the "View Receipt" button, you will get yet another window, showing your "Order Number" and payment amount in both BTC and USD. Click on "Show activity" to see the block-chain transaction progress.

In case your transfer is executed too late (outside the 1-hour time window), you may receive a warning that the payment has been detected as "delayed". This is done by Coinbase Commerce to enhance your security. If this happens, the block-chain will show the payment as accepted, but Coinbase will not forward or revert the payment until the account holder have manually done so. If you encounter this message, please contact our support ASAP.

If you click on one of the little boxes,

It will take you to the BlockCypher page, where you can see the confirmation status.

(See next section.)


You need to receive at least 6 block-chain confirmations before the payment is fully accepted. This can take some time, but generally not much more than 15 minutes.

Coinbase Commerce may still temporary block the payment in case the payment was made outside the allotted 1-hour (pop-up window) timeframe. This can only be resolved by the Kumo Markets account team, during UK business hours. (08:00-18:00 GMT)

Checking the payment progress

If you want to check the progress of the payment on the block-chain, you can go to (one of several) a block-chain tracking sites, one such is BlockCypher found on:

Now use the copied bitcoin address and paste it into the search bar. Initially you will see something like this. It shows that the payment is pending block-chain confirmations. You need to receive at least 6 confirmations before the payment is accepted.

Once confirmed, the message (above) will show something like:

When you do your bitcoin payment using Coinbase Commerce, you will get an 8-character "Order Number" when the payment is completed.

How to deposit BTC using Coinbase